What services does groupauto.com provide?

The Principal, David White, has established programs for numerous industries from healthcare, high-tech, governmental, finance, utility and others. In addition to introducing you to this program we will also provide many other services.

We help select the carrier by determining your objectives and ascertain which carrier can provide the best program and meet those objectives.

We assist in the Communication Plan preparation to ensure that it parallels your corporate culture and is highly effective in the awareness efforts.

We will review and report results and recommend program changes

We will represent you in your dealings with the insurance carrier.

Typically, there is nobody on the employers’ staff who has established, problem solved, dealt with employees, dealt with carriers or administered a Group Auto Program. We become the Group Auto component of yourbenefits staff by:

Providing our service as your knowledge resource

Bringing our industry perspective to your program

Interfacing directly with the employee to resolve problems

Providing consumer advocate information to employees

Generally smoothing the entire process